Goldlashbar Signature Lash Shampoo

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The key to longer lasting extensions, is keeping your lashes clean and healthy. Introducing Goldlashbar Lash Shampoo. (FREE brush comes with this product)

Our lash Shampoo comes beautifully packaged in our signature "Goldlashbar" 30ml foaming bottle. You will immediately notice the difference our super secret, Lash Shampoo cleansing formula makes as the foaming action gently cleanses your delicate lashes without destroying the bond between the extension and the natural lash, basically eliminating the problems that can occur when you have unclean eyelashes.  To use: Simply dispense a medium sized "pouf" of foam into the palm of your clean hand and gently scrub to your eyelids using circular motions with the foam, then use a mascara brush to comb the rest of the product through your lashes. Once everything is dry, you are all done! it's literally that easy to maintain your beautiful eyelash extensions and keep them looking fabulous for longer than ever!